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Wellnesscoach Institute

A Wellness Revolution is a leading award-winning ( educational company providing live online holistic coaching education worldwide. Transformation and change are all around us and as our technological environment rapidly evolves, so must we. Healthcare and the wellness industries are also in this shift and are changing.

A Wellness Revolution was created to bring new information and understanding to help this transition. A Wellness Revolution is an educational company, committed to training Health & Wellness Coaches. These certified Health & Wellness Coaches become leaders who can help people coach more holistically.

Our Students are taught the significance of the cellular level, focusing on body, mind and spirit so that they can bring to their clients a much deeper, more robust definition of self-care.

We expose our students to the newly evolving and developing sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience and Glycoscience, giving a more holistic vision of what wellness means. We believe that students from any background, be it therapist, practitioner, nurse, business or lifestyle coach, parents and people who are interested in living a more conscious health-driven life can influence their path and future self by consciously living their lives.

A Wellness Revolution is passionate about training students to help their clients adapt to change and to find balance and true wellness on all levels within themselves. We are committed to create a ripple effect in our communities as we help people realize their potentiality and opportunity to influence their future in a new way in this new time.

Start your life-long revolution and become a certified Health & Wellness coach. Sign up for our next free introductory webinar:

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